Imagine a new tower building project. Imagine no detailed plan has been designed by an architect. No calculation has been made by an engineer. No project leader is coordinating the workers...

This chaotic example seems completely unrealistic. In the IT sector, however, most technologists often regard software development more as a craft than a rigorous process. According to the Chaos Group Report (Standish Group), success record in software building process is very poor.
Approximately 60% of software development projects are failing in one or several of the following success factors:

  • delivery occurs too late
  • budget is exceeded
  • user’s needs are not adequately addressed

In the worst cases, projects are even aborted.
Loss of time, loss of money, loss of energy... This reality is far away from the aim of IT solutions: maximizing your company’s efficiency!
Our motivation in creating Sobeti has been empowered by our which to adopt a different and innovative software engineering approach. Our aim is to assure our clients that high-quality projects are delivered on time and within a predetermined budget. Sobeti give confidence since we control and measure the quality of our clients' solutions at every stage of the software development life-cycle.